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Specialists in Electrophoretic Technology

What is Electrophoresis / E-coating?

So, what is E-coat?

E-coat is a process that was first pioneered in 1930. Through many years of exploration and industrial use, it has become one of the preferred methods of metal finishing worldwide.

We create a stable E-coat emulsion, containing a mixture of organic resins and de-ionized water. A DC voltage is then applied through the solution via two electrodes. This causes the electrolysis of water, with oxygen being liberated at the anode (positive electrode), and hydrogen being liberated at the cathode (negative electrode). Through this liberation of gases, the hydrogen ion equilibrium that immediately surrounds the electrodes is disturbed. As a direct result, there is a pH change in the solution causing a de-stabilization of the paint components which creates a controlled precipitation.

As e-coat specialists, we have direct control over this reaction. Through manipulation of the electropaint chemistry we can change the characteristics of this precipitation or ‘coating’ to create a finish that matches the customer requirement.



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