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Specialists in Electrophoretic Technology

Metal Finishing and Specialist Metal Finishing
using E-coat

Since our inception in 1990, we have achieved a unique position in offering a complete 'one-stop-shop' metal coating finishing service to our customers. Our expertise in the development and application of electrophoretic coatings means that our customers can have created for them a bespoke finish. The alternative option is to take advantage of our standard finishes, namely:

  • High performance clear coatings which exhibit superior solvent and corrosion resistance.

  • Stainless steel effect onto brushed aluminium.

  • Stunning vibrant red, blue, purple, green, gold and black coatings, extensively used in the custom motorbike and car industry. Coloured titanium bolts and fasteners.

  • Bronze effect coatings used for coating steel or aluminium hinges and door handles.

  • Gold coatings for applications onto nickel and chrome plating and also for coating directly onto polished zinc aluminium die-castings.

  • Our Sister Company HAWKING ELECTROTECHNOLOGY LTD is a UK based company manufacturing and supplying a wide range of electrodeposition Electrophoretic, e-coat, KTL, electrocoat clear lacquer and coloured coatings. We are a worldwide exporter manufacturer of decorative high performance acrylic and polyurethane electrophoretic coatings & lacquers



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